How to Quit Drinking Alcohol on your Own: End Drunkenness

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Break Free From Alcohol Addiction


Want to know how to quit drinking alcohol on your own? I went from 10+ pints a day & casks of cheap red wine, to quitting alcohol altogether. Now the ‘real’ me is back.

Decades of problem drinking ended for me about 5 years ago. I now have so much to live for; sobriety, a happy productive life, anxiety/panics attacks gone, saving money, and the ‘real’ me is back again. Here’s what I did.

Up until May 2011, alcohol played a huge part in my life. From drinking cheap cask/box wine at home to countless pints of beer in bars and pubs, it became my friend, partner, and comforter.

I planned my days around drinking. I would start at home at around noon and then head out. I knew every pub in my area and in the city. I knew exactly what beers each pub sold and how much they cost. I had my favourite seat in each of them which usually had a view out through a window or of a TV screen.

From those vantage points, I could watch the world go by in comfort, while I drank to increase the all-too familiar feeling – of sedation mostly. Sedating my feelings and emotions was what I enjoyed the most. The numbness of all pain – physical and emotional – was great, or so I thought at the time.

Increasing Problems & Bad Incidents

How about those problems of yours?

My problems only increased, of course. What seemed ‘solved’ when I was drinking certainly wasn’t, which I continually found out every morning. And forever apologizing to people for the night before was draining, not to mention damaging. Also, since I had no job, money was running out.

I knew I had to find out how to give up drinking; I couldn’t go on living the way I was. There were always bad incidents when I was drunk which meant it was basically a numbers game until something really terrible happened. Here’s 3 that I recall:

  • I was once woken up by an ambulance crew tapping my face, as I had fallen asleep by the side of a road.
  • I vaguely remember being in the back of a police car being driven to hospital, as I had fallen over and hit my head.
  • A new girlfriend insisted on going to a certain pub, which I knew I had a bad reputation with due to my heavy binge drinking there. I was refused entry at the door – very embarrassing! And the end of yet another relationship…

Quitting Alcohol – My Turning Point

I managed to step off my path to destruction in May 2011, as I explain below. I was 42 and living with my mother, mostly due to my alcohol addiction. I am now 45 and am so glad that I decided to finally go sober when I did, because:

  • I am living a brilliantly healthy, happy, and productive life
  • The “real me” is back
  • No anxiety or panic attacks
  • I’m saving money
  • My weight is under control
  • My thinking is clear and I’m mentally healthy

It’s Not Too Late to Give Up Drinking

I obviously don’t know you, but I do know that it’s not too late to find out how to give up drinking – consider the Chinese proverb:

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Forget about how long you’ve been abusing alcohol, or how much damage you may have caused. The only thing that matters is to sort the problem right now. You’ve just searched for help, and you’ve read this far. Congratulations! That’s a huge step towards solving your addiction and entering sobriety…

How to Give Up Drinking

Ok – the way I stopped drinking was to go and spend a week virtually locked inside a detox centre. For a whole week, I lived with about 10 other patients. The rules were strict – no communication with the outside world, fixed bed hours, educational programs, and domestic duties.

If you think that is for you, then go for it. It worked for me. But it’s not for everyone – you have to find a centre near you for starters. Then there’s the issue of basically disappearing for 7 days and having to tell people why you won’t be contactable.

Alternatively, you can learn proven techniques yourself that can help you learn how to quit drinking alcohol on your own. You won’t need to go to AA or spend thousands on counselling – it will be in the privacy of your own home.

I will recommend an eBook that offers you just that – how to give up drinking – after I share the following with you. Learning this one fact probably helped me the most:

How Binge Drinking Damages Your Character

One thing I learned during detox was how binge drinking affects your sober mood over time. Which essentially means your character.

Consider the graph below. It starts off with the person’s sober mood as Normal. As soon as they start drinking, their mood rises towards Happy and stays in this territory until they sober up, when their mood falls back down towards normal.

This is all well and good, but it’s not exactly what happens.

With each drinking session, the person’s sober mood drops ever so slightly below the last level when they were sober – in the Depressed territory.

They become “normally depressed”.

So when they drink again, their mood increases and hits the normal level, before going into the happy territory.

This rhythm continues until eventually their sober mood is very depressed, and they have to drink a large amount just to get to the normal level.

As you can see, virtually their whole lives are now spent in the depressed territory, and they drink just to become normal.

Is this you now? It was definitely me up until I quit drinking for good.

quit drinking - binge drinking mood graph

The really good news is that the above problem is REVERSIBLE by simply quitting alcohol. Your sober mood will move back to normal when you stop the binge drinking altogether. It happened to me and it will happen to you, too.

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol on Your Own

As you now know, I spent a week in a detox centre to end my drinking problem. I was able to; I had no job so no boss or colleagues to explain it to, and being away from everyday life, family and friends was fine. But not everyone is in the same position I was.

Another way is to follow a program in the privacy of your own home. And you won’t have to be away from everyone, especially a job if you have one.

I learned quite a few things in detox. I’ve already explained one of them, and another is the need to replace the drinking with something else. If you don’t, you will most likely fall back into your old ways as willpower is not enough.

You need to fill the void that is left after the alcohol abuse is removed; something that will put the strength, peace and joy that’s so needed into you. When you have this, drinking will be so undesirable to you and saying ‘no’ will be easy. The following eBook explains how to do this brilliantly.

The internet is awash with free information, and sometimes there’s just too much to wade through. This can make you get overwhelmed and give up. Sometimes, you cannot beat the solid focus of a well-written book, written by an author who has been there and done that. This workbook is exactly that. It’s the best one I’ve found, which uncannily matches my experience with giving up drinking. Here’s a quick heads-up:

  • Start immediately and anonymously – download it straight away.
  • Cheap – it’s the price of about 4-5 pints of beer (depending where you are in the world).
  • Risk free – virtually TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – if you don’t like it, you can get a FULL REFUND within 60 days of downloading it.
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You will have a happier, healthier, and more productive life. Learn how to quit drinking alcohol on your own and don’t keep letting alcohol stop you from the life you’re meant to live. All the very best!